How is simGP changing the face of GP education?

simGP is a simulated patient consultation program designed to specifically address Australian GP education needs. simGP provides GPs with an opportunity to undertake education that simulates real-world patient scenarios and enables them to practice and learn in a safe environment. This GP education program demonstrates the effects of clinical choices and actions in a simulated patient scenario, the aim being to enhance GP competence and confidence and ultimately improve patient care. It is free to register with simGP and users can access a wide range of accredited (CPD) and non-accredited courses.

How does simGP work?

Once registered, GPs can enrol and complete simGP courses across multiple therapeutic areas. A simGP course consists of four modules – SIM 1, Education, SIM 2, Evaluation.


In this module, you will undertake a simulated patient consultation. You should approach this simulation as you would a normal patient consultation in general practice, beginning with the patient presentation and reviewing their medical records and history. You will be challenged to make critical decisions about the patient’s care, including what examinations and investigations to undertake. At the conclusion of the simulation, you will be challenged to make a diagnosis, recommendations regarding the patient’s ongoing management and treatment plan. Your actions at key decision points during the consultation are recorded, and form the basis of a summary report to help you identify any knowledge or experience gaps to enhance your learning experience.


Upon completion of SIM 1, you will undertake the education component of the course. You will be presented with an overview of clinical practice guideline recommendations relating to the diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients similar to that presented in the simulated consultation. This content is specifically designed to reinforce key aspects of patient care and accelerate an application of how this knowledge can be applied to clinical practice.


You will then have an opportunity to review what you have learned by completing the simulated patient consultation and education, applying what you have learned to complete the simulated patient consultation. Your actions at key decision points during the consultation will again be recorded, providing a comparison of how your actions changed from SIM 1 to SIM 2, and how your actions compare with recommended actions and those of your peers.


Lastly, you will complete a short evaluation to reflect on the learning outcomes of the course and how well these were met. This is also an opportunity to provide feedback about your learning experience as a result of participating in this course.

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